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Michael Hassett, Entrepreneur and Artisan Master Baker established his first bakery in 1984 in Donnybrook Douglas. Today he owns and manages  Hassetts Bakery & Confectioners ltd Carrigaline (manufacturing), Hassetts Patisserie in main street Carrigaline (retail/ cafe ), Hassetts Bakery in the English Market Cork (retail) and Hassetts Washington street retail/cafe. He currently employs 42 people across all units. Michael has gained invaluable experience within this industry over the last 32 years. Michael advanced into biscuits and cracker manufacturing over the last eighteen months on a small scale servicing his own retail outlets. these products have proven to be very successful and have created a demand of its own. Key products have been identified to go ahead with this venture with many more recipes awaiting trials and benchmarking to follow.


Noreen Foley entrepreneur and previous owner manager in the business has over 25 years experience in sales, management and new business development . She has successfully integrated into the Bakery and Confectionary world over the last five years and has managed to grow the wholsale business by 75% to date.


SuperValu has been invaluable with the skills they have thought us  while also giving us the oportunity to have our product on SuperValu shelves.


Hassetts Bakery is constantly evolving with a new addition recently to the bakery, creating local secure jobs on a regular basis.