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Harry's Nut Butter

Harry’s Nut Butter started out life as the house nut butter in The Fumbally café in Dublin 8. Harry has worked there since 2015 as a cook, tipping away in the kitchen, doing the odd workshop, organising catering events and working on tonnes of different food projects. In that time, he came up with the original Harry’s Nut Butter. It’s a peanut butter that’s slightly sweet, kind of salty, a little bit spicy and incredible on toast, drizzled over roast veg or even blitzed into a soup.

Harry went on to sell the jarred nut butt at market stalls around Dublin and it gained something of a cult following as a pantry staple for people who couldn’t get enough of the high protein, plant-based snack food with a mental label that tastes absolutely class. Harry’s Nut Butter can be found in over 250 independent cafes, health food shops and grocers across Ireland and now can be found alongside other fantastic Food Academy products in SuperValu’s Dublin City stores.

The range has expanded to include an extra hot version, for those who can’t get enough of the SPICE! There’s a sweet hazelnut, cocoa and coffee version that is best eaten as a massive dollop on a bowl of hot porridge. There's also a pure, unadulterated smooth peanut butter to boot so pick up a jar find your favourite flavour.

Working with SuperValu and The Food Academy has been incredible. The guidance and support from the team has been invaluable and is an incredible service available for small time producers like Harry’s Nut Butter who are passionate about good food and getting it out there for everyone to enjoy. The seminars have lifted the lid on the scary world of supplying supermarkets and that which I thought could never be possible now feels like a manageable task, albeit a mammoth challenge.

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