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At GoodBrew, we love everything about coffee. The smell, its versatility, its health and energy giving properties. We’re just all-around crazy about coffee.

We believe great coffee should be an option all the time, at home or on the go. Our cold brew coffee concentrate lets you make a superior iced coffee in your own kitchen in a way that’s convenient, healthful and sustainable.

We’re also really passionate about clean ingredients, so our ready-to drink vegan lattes and mochas contain no refined sugar, no dairy and no artificial ingredients - just natural energy.                                   

We’re GoodBrew founders Jeff and Dee Schroeder and we decided to turn our passion for coffee into a business after moving home from Washington DC and realising we couldn’t find our favourite icy cold brew coffee in stores here. We also missed the indulgent taste of plant-based coffee creamers that have become popular in the U.S. and decided to create our own using clean ingredients - that’s how the plant-based latte was born!                    

We traded in high-octane careers in finance and journalism to start the business and understand just how busy life can be and how it can be hard to juggle competing priorities like health, sustainability, and enjoyment in daily food and beverage choices. That’s why we spent over a year working with a variety of experts to perfect our unique cold brewing methods and plant powered recipes to bring the ultimate cold brew experience to your fridge.                                 

Cold brew coffee takes time, patience and a subtle alchemy to get just right. We source the finest beans and then steep them in cold water for more than 14 hours. We finish by triple filtering the brew. This leaves a super charged cold brew concentrate which can be diluted with any milk or water to your taste. The result is a superior coffee beverage which is considerably less acidic and bitter than regularly brewed coffee. It also has a naturally higher caffeine content.

Our plant-powered iced cold brew lattes and mochas combine our cold brew with wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients including cashews, coconut milk, oats and cacao for a smooth and creamy flavoured coffee experience you won’t believe is refined sugar and dairy free!

GoodBrew drinks are brewed and bottled in Ireland and truly a family affair. We have two small children so we consume a lot of coffee as well as make it! The SuperValu Food Academy program has helped us turn our vision into a reality by providing invaluable knowledge and support as we developed and launched our first products and we look forward to working with them as we grow our range and our business.

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