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We, Andrew (irish) and Andrea (mexican), are the founders of Garnacha, an Authentic Homemade Mexican Salsa company based in Skerries. We started selling salsas in march 2022 and began our Food academy journey in May. With the help of Supervalu, we have the opportunity to bring our creation to the Irish dinner table.

Last year we went on a culinary journey through Mexico for 6 months and when we returned we knew we had a mission: reveal the true flavours of Mexico to Ireland. Garnacha is a way to pay homeage to the beauty and complexity of Mexican prehispanic cultures and the heritage they have left us through their cuisine.

Unfortunately, we have found that salsa in Ireland has been relegated to a nacho dip. We want to change that vision. Of course, salsa is great for dipping, but it can also be used for cooking or as a condiment to enhance a great variety of dishes.

Our salsas are made using traditional techniques with the Irish consumer in mind. Our first salsa is our Chipotle featuring Guajillo and Pasilla chillis. All 3 are dried by smoking them leaving an intense smokey flavour. These chills are low on the Scoville scale; a measurement for heat in a chilli. This allows you to add more chillis to create a wonderfully intense flavour without burning the customers tongue.

Next, we have the Roasted Red Pepper and Habanero Salsa. The sweet flavour of the red peppers combined with the heat from the habaneros is a perfect match. Our salsas are 250g and are packed in jars containing, on average, 60% recycled materials. They are low calories, vegan friendly, have short ingredient lists and are made using whole vegetables. Every flavour you taste in our salsas come from the combination of veggies, not flavourings or additives.

The uniqueness of our products is rooted in the appreciation of Mexican folklore. When you try our salsas, you can experience a whole new world of vibrant flavours that have been passed through generations. Thanks to their versatility you can use them as a dip, cooking sauce or to spice up your meals by throwing a dollop here and there. Salsa on your toast, on your eggs, on your soup, on your pizza, on your pasta, salsa on everything is our mojo!

We want to invite people to get creative in the kitchen so they can be transported to Mexico through their taste buds.

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