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Fire and 5th

Fire&5th exists to re-invent how people socialise and is on a mission to provide a new type of social stimulation.

Fire&5th was born during the pandemic and directly from consumer insight. We began by speaking to people who choose no / low to understand what they were looking for from this new and exciting category. Quickly we identified that people who choose no / low were tired of being let down by their choice or having to justify it. Instead they wanted a taste, sensorial and brand experience that they could truly enjoy and be proud of, one that helped them stay part of the night out. From this insight and with a passion to create something of today that reflects the changing landscape of how people come together and socialise we began exploring and creating.

Starting the journey, we had no idea where it would take us. Our ambition was to create a taste that would capture the spirit of our consumer, the excitement of life and the warmth of good company. The outcome was Fire&5th – Chilli & Blood Orange. Modern and premium with a sophisticated serve Fire&5th is offering a new choice in the drinks space not just in alcohol-free. Created from a blend of fruit and botanical extracts, Fire&5th is relaxing, invigorating, fiery and sophisticated all in equal measures. A drink for those of us who want to make the most of every moment. Fire&5th is best served 50ml over ice with a premium ginger ale and garnished with an orange slice.

The brand is grounded in three core pillars. Firstly, stimulation which is reflected in the instant hit of fire and spice in our taste. Secondly, social ensuring we’re always at the heart of the action. And finally, progression which acknowledges that like us, those who choose Fire&5th are always striving, with an open and curious mind, to move forward.  

The support and guidance provided by our Local Enterprise Office and SuperValu Food Academy has provided us with the structure to transition Fire&5th from an idea to a brand proudly available in SuperValu stores throughout Dublin.  


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