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Feighery's Farm

In February 2019 Feighery’s Farm Beetroot Juice launched onto the market. The idea to carve out a new part-time business venture in the exciting world of the food industry really came about by default for Anne Marie, the founder of this new Irish health drink.

Growing up on a tillage and vegetable farm in Co. Offaly in the heart of Ireland, I always enjoyed the outdoors and I loved to get involved helping my Dad and brothers in the fields, planting and harvesting the vegetables and working the weekly farmers’ market each Saturday. I loved chatting to the customers and admired what good food meant to them and the importance of where it came from plus the impact they felt it had on their health.

However it would be my father who I credit entirely for instilling his passion within me. Farming since 1957, he has accumulated over the years a vast knowledge in soil health and food nutrition. For as long as I can remember he has been deeply invested in this topic, constantly reading books and various studies researching soil and human health.

One summer, chatting with my Dad on the farm on a sunny evening we start discussing the beetroot growing in the field. I remarked how this “Irish superfood” had received a fascinating resurgence in popularity. In hindsight, at that point I in fact didn’t realise the extent of the enormous health benefits this powerful little purple veg was responsible for!! What really enthused me was listening to my father explain to me the various studies he had read, one of particular interest to him: the association of beetroot juice and lowering high blood pressure. I was really surprised when I was unable to put my hand on an Irish version in the local shops. There was beetroot juice available to purchase but it originated from Germany, Switzerland etc. It was either that or pick up a juice that alluded to being beetroot juice but in fact had a very low concentration of said ingredient, the majority well under 30%. This was something I wanted to investigate further.

Fast forward 12 months and with the help of Moorepark Teagasc Food Research Centre in Cork, I have a new Irish Beetroot juice on the market. It is a very natural but surprisingly sweet energising HEALTHY drink that provides people the opportunity to acquire all the super benefits of beetroot in a convenient grab and go manner.

It’s of massive importance and a huge helping hand to me that my family grow the beetroot for my juice and are a huge support network around my new venture. Provenance I believe is key and definitely more important than ever to the Irish consumer.

The SuperValu Food Academy has been invaluable to me and with their support and guidance I am really excited about the future of my brand.

My motto and what motivates me is “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE”.
Appreciating honest food and the value of good nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle is a step closer to achieving this…. with a refreshing glass of purple goodness in hand.

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