Dr coys

Dr. Coy's is a family run business and is passionate about positive eating and a healthy lifestyle. Based on the research of award winning oncologist, Dr. Johannes Coy, we offer an innovative, patented "Nutritional Chocolate Bar" with certified health benefits. It has lower effects on blood glucose levels, is high in fibre and vitamin E and is gluten and lactose free. 

Alison Stroh comes from an international marketing background, whilst Aaron O'Donohue previously worked in interbank financial services and currency trading; Johannes Coy still focuses on his medical research, developing his anti-cancer diet as well as improving our patented nutritional chocolate.

"We have been in operation since 2013 and we currently employ 5 people. We participated in the Food Academy training program in 2014 which gave us the platform to launch through SuperValu in March 2015, and we are now in some 50 SuperValu stores. This year has seen great feedback, increased sales and brand awareness from our relationship with SuperValu."