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Dingle Sea Salt Co.

It takes time, patience and the natural elements to craft our sea salt. Carefully harvested by hand, we use only the sun, wind and clear Atlantic waters – a seasonal process unique in Ireland and gentle on the environment. Our low-carbon solar evaporation method slowly creates a mineral-rich sea salt as nature intended, bringing you a distinct and flavoursome taste of the Dingle Peninsula.

We began trialing our production method in 2019. The process is fully natural and requires no energy other than the sun’s natural rays and plentiful West Kerry breeze. With each season, we patiently perfected our craft, combining the natural elements with a little bit of science, and a lot of trial and error. Finally in 2021, this art was perfected, and Dingle Sea Salt was born.

Our salt is made a little differently, which makes it a little special. The pure seawater is transferred to our custom designed evaporation tunnels, which harness the heat from the sun and formidable local wind to slowly encourage the seawater to evaporate.

Our solar evaporation process is at the mercy of the natural elements, taking anywhere from days to weeks to complete depending on the season. We are merely patient by-standers, gently encouraging the slow and natural evaporation process where we can. Once evaporation is complete, we carefully gather the pure sea salt crystals by hand, before final drying.

We carefully hand package and hand finish each jar so that we, and the customer, can be assured of the highest quality and a great tasting product.

Our sea salt is 100% pure and unrefined - no additives, no anti-caking or bleaching agents. Our source waters contain an abundance of naturally occurring trace minerals and elements, derived from the pristine and nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Dingle Peninsula. Dingle Sea Salt remains high in potassium, with lower levels of sodium than standard table salts.

Being a part of the Supervalu Food Academy has helped us build a wealth of knowledge about the many areas of the food sector that were new to us when starting out. With this strong foundation, we feel confident about our product's success and the continuation of our story. We hope to continue to build strong relationships with the Supervalu’s support, fostering a support network that will help us to make our mark both in Ireland and internationally.

Supporting local is one of our core principles. We will continue to use the abundance of local talent and resources available on the Dingle Peninsula, whilst supporting other local businesses and causes. We aim to be able to provide year round employment in the near future, as our business grows from strength to strength with the support of the Food Academy programme.


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