Achill island sea salt

Achill Island sea salt was founded as a family business in 2013 with the ethos of creating a sustainable product from Achill Island whilst renewing the age old, long forgotten tradition of salt production on the island. 

Achill is the largest island off the west coast of Ireland and has one of the most unspoilt coastlines in the world. Fresh water from its majestic mountains combine with the pristine, crystal clear and wild waters which surround the island, providing unique conditions for harvesting this natural product from this living ocean. 

Our sea salt production began in the time honored style of the family kitchen, moving as demand increased to a pilot plant and now upscaling to a custom modified factory on the island. 

We combine traditional production methods with modern technology, to produce a 100% unrefined low sodium sea salt with no preservatives or anti-caking agents and over 60 naturally occurring trace elements.

Research has shown that the worldwide market for sea salt is growing as consumers see it as a healthier alternative to table salt and research also shows that consumer drivers are natural products, with heritage, provenance and craftsmanship, exactly what Achill Island Sea Salt is about.

Being part of the Food academy has been of great benefit to our business as it allows us to bring our product to an ever increasing market. In-store tastings have provided us with the opportunity to show case our product and explain its nutritional benefits and unique flavour to customers.

The ethos of Achill Island Sea Salt is to create a sustainable business on the island while making the most of what the surroundings have to offer. Our aim is to contribute to the local economy by creating good jobs and securing livelihoods. We have, to date, created 2 jobs and hope to double our job creation year on year.