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The company Lion L Raw was set up in December 2021. It is located in Tralee, Co. Kerry and
production takes place in Farmer’s Bridge, Tralee. However, we started operating as a sole trader
in 2017.

While the team at Lion L Raw is small, we are passionate about balanced health and a positive
two-way relationship with food. When Lion L Raw started 7 years ago, good health was the
inspiration behind the business and our focus was on producing premium, plant-based products
to fuel the body. We wanted to provide healthier versions of everyone’s favourite food, while not
compromising on taste. Over the past number of years, the business has gone from strength to
strength and has evolved to produce a wide range of plant-based products. All locally sourced
ingredients used in the creation of the products are refined sugar-free and 100% vegan. We strive
to be organic and gluten-free where possible.

The hand-crafted quality products are produced through a unique cooking process, in order to
maintain the highest nutritional value. The process is based on slow cooking quality ingredients at
low temperatures under 41° C. The average production time per raw product is 12 hours. This
revolutionary method of cooking allows the food to keep its entire nutritional value and flavours.
We have perfected this method of cooking over many years to create our luxurious product range.
All products are sold in local farmers markets, many local cafés and shops or orders placed
through our online booking system can be delivered directly to customers.

Lion.L Raw have something to satisfy all taste buds from savoury snacks, to high energy power
bites and decadent desserts. The team never compromise on taste and decided to develop tasty
treats that would be healthy for the body and attractive to the eye. At Lion L Raw we feel we are
only getting started on our journey, but our core purpose has remained the same since the
business initiated - to share delicious ways for people to feel better. Healthy food, made with love.

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