Potty Training

Advice and tips for potty training your toddler. Check out SuperValu's amazing offers on everyday baby and toddler essentials to help you get started.

Potty training

Potty training can begin any time from eighteen to thirty-two months.

Start when your toddler:

  • Is having longer dry periods more often.
  • Can follow simple instructions.
  • Can pull up and down his/her own pants.
  • Shows an interest in learning about potty training.
  • Is able to imitate behaviour.


Give a reward when a child accomplishes a potty training goal. A reward can be praise or a small treat – in fact, anything that marks an achievement in the process. This will encourage the child and bestow confidence.

Be aware though – accidents are inevitable. Just accept that potty training will take time and patience. The important thing is to stay calm - and be consistent in your potty training plan.

As your child gets older you will be faced with lots of new challenges, don’t forget everymum.ie Kid section to help you through these challenges.

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