Arts, Crafts and Fun

Helpful tips on how to make playtime fun and educational for you and baby.

Arts crafts and fun

Playtime is messy time – the only way to deal with it is to enjoy the flour, paint and soapsuds as much as your toddler does.

Simple is good: blowing bubbles in the garden, tracing hands on a piece of paper, playing with soapy water at the sink, or even just practicing cutting with scissors are all huge favourites.

Develop the little artist within: have paper and crayons or coloured pencils always at hand. Keep a blank page ready so your toddler can go create at will.

Don't fear the paint: it’s all water-based - so it's washable, from hands and walls. Encourage and praise by highlighting the colours or shapes you like.

Baking: toddlers enjoy baking, not least for the chaos it can cause, but delegate simple tasks like putting cake cases into the tins or stirring the mix.

Home help: it's household chores to you, but to toddlers, it's great fun. Rope them in. For instance, ask them to spot "big bits" you need to pick up with the hoover.

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