Christmas Pregnancy Tips

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Christmas is such an exciting time for most people but it can also be a stressful time for expectant mums, with the extra pressure of shopping, travelling and endless rounds of entertaining. To help all you lovely pregnant ladies, we have put together some practical tips to keep the season as merry and stress free as possible.

Early Christmas Shopping

If you’re expecting, try to start your Christmas shopping early. Getting stuck in a panic just before Christmas can be extremely wearing and certainly not good for mother or baby. Prepare a shopping list and hit the shops weeks before the big day. Ask a friend or family member to help you if possible. With some time to spare, Christmas shopping can actually be enjoyable. Another option to keep in mind is to shop online and have your shopping delivered straight to your front door.

Accept Help if it’s Offered

Expectant mothers with other children should try to get as much help as possible before and during Christmas. Ask family and friends to help with babysitting, cleaning, baking and cooking. Accept help when it is offered and avoid having parties or big dinners at your house - family and friends will understand.

Looking After Your Back

Don’t underestimate the effect shopping, cleaning and decorating can take on your back, try not to bend the back too much when doing these activities. If a heavy item needs to be lifted, get someone else to do it. If you need to carry something yourself, you should hold it close to your chest and bend your knees instead of your back when lifting it up. It’s very easy to hurt your back, so take extra care of it when preparing for Christmas.

Don’t Forget Healthy Eating Over Christmas

Eat little and often, six or so small meals throughout the day will help to boost your blood sugar levels (low blood sugar because of hunger can make nausea worse). Avoiding overfilling your stomach should help to lessen heartburn and indigestion, too. Include lots of complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables too. Stay away from fried and spicy food.

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