Babies cry for many reasons. Here's a list of things that might be upsetting them.



The easiest way to stop a baby crying is to satisfy that baby's needs.

Is baby hungry? Perhaps a nappy needs changing? Could it be wind or colic? Maybe the baby is too cold – or too hot? Could something (clothing perhaps?) be making him or her uncomfortable? A new environment, bright lights or loud noises could also be causing upset. Maybe he or she is tired but just can't sleep? Is it boredom or loneliness?

The important thing is to remain calm throughout

Try to distract your child from crying: talking, singing, rocking in your arms, going for a walk or a ride in the car can be surprisingly effective. You could also try using a soother.

If you need a break, ask a partner, friend or relative for help. If you’re alone, put the baby safely in the cot, take time out and get some space – though never leave the baby alone for too long.

If your baby cries all the time – or you suspect an illness – then immediately contact a doctor, midwife or public health nurse.

The important thing is to remain calm throughout and to accept it's not your fault and it's not the baby's fault. Some babies just cry more than others.

For further information and tips for looking after your baby, please visit Everymum's baby section.
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