SuperValu’s Signature Tastes ClemenGold Packaging Now Fully Recyclable, Diverting 16.8 Tonnes from Landfill

Fruit Sales Increase by 14.5% YTD as over 4.3million ClemenGolds sold in 2019

SuperValu’s exclusive Signature Tastes ClemenGold Box of mandarins (1.1kg) are cherished for their juicy flesh and now even more covetable for their entirely recyclable packaging. South African ClemenGold mandarins sold exclusively in SuperValu stores are now boxed in recyclable cardboard as opposed to the previous non-recyclable MDF wood, resulting in a diversion of 16.8 tonnes of MDF wood waste from landfill.

SuperValu shoppers expect more sustainable options, hence more fruit and vegetables than ever before are now sold loose while others have moved to compostable packaging. Having already seen a 14.5% increase on sales of fruit from this time last year, SuperValu are keeping up with customer demand for fresh produce! Approximately 4.3million Signature Tastes ClemenGolds were sold in 2019 and SuperValu expects as many, if not more of these easy peel, mouth-watering snacks to fly off shelves in 2020.

SuperValu aims to be carbon neutral by 2050. In addition to moving to sustainable packaging SuperValu is committed to operating all facilities with 100 percent green electricity and to sending no recoverable waste to landfill.

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