Is The Spirit Of Christmas Still Alive And Well In Ireland?

Supervalu Launches The Christmas Spirit Survey And
Calls On The Nation To Help Make Christmas Super

Christmas Spirit 

Monday 20th November 2017: SuperValu, Ireland’s leading food retailer who operates in virtually every community around Ireland and is the hub in many towns and villages,  recognises the importance of its role in fostering great community spirit. So as the festive season truly gets under way, SuperValu, is calling on the nation to step back and do something ‘Super’ this Christmas to spark Christmas spirit in communities. 

As part of its ‘Helping you make Christmas Super’ campaign, SuperValu commissioned the Christmas Spirit Index to understand if Christmas spirit is alive or dead and whether we as a nation still demonstrate goodwill at Christmas time. While 74% agree that Christmas spirit is alive and well,  many are not demonstrating it themselves – homemade gifts such as baked goods or crafts are waning with only 32% of those surveyed revealing that they still go the extra mile and make homemade gifts for their loved ones.  Carol singing seems a thing of the past with only 10% of the nation saying that they go out singing  Christmas carols over the  festive season. However, the big reveal was that, regardless of us becoming a tech nation and communicating with each other via mobile, WhatsApp and text – the custom of sending Christmas cards is alive  with 3 out of 4 people writing cards  each year.

On the cooking front – we seem to be well prepared before Christmas eve with only 35% of the population stating that they leave the grocery shopping to the last minute, but making Christmas cakes or Christmas pudding prior to Christmas seems to be a dying tradition  with only 34% admitting that they make their own. However, those that do are still sticking to old family recipes with 60% stating that they use traditional family recipes down through the  years.  The Christmas sweets that topped the poll are family favourites – Roses, though the old trick of dipping into the second layer of sweets or biscuits before the first layer is finished is still rife with 74% admitting to doing it.  

The Christmas dinner  appears to be still very much a family affair with respondent’s surveyed revealing that it is still the Mam or Dad (or combined) cooking Christmas dinner (35%) or their husband or wife (29%) and only 6% stated that everybody helps with the cooking in their household.  Only 4% declared that they get the privilege of having friends cook their Christmas dinner. 

To keep Christmas spirit alive and well in communities – SuperValu is calling on the nation to help make Christmas Super for others  this year whether it’s baking a cake for your elderly neighbour or a friend, inviting a lonely neighbour for Christmas dinner or raising money for charity.

If you do something super kind or know of someone that has done something kind this Christmas share it on and be in with a chance to win SuperValu vouchers to make your Christmas Super.