Nugan Estate Launches ‘Personality’ Wine Range Exclusively in SuperValu Stores

Which One Are You?

Following the recent launch of SuperValu’s brand new range of ‘Specially Sourced’ wines, Ireland’s number one retailer SuperValu are delighted to launch Nugan Estate’s Personality Range. This stunning selection of wines are dedicated to the various personalities of unique characters who have worked in the award-winning winery over the last 70 years.

To celebrate the launch, SuperValu are delighted to announce that the Nugan Estate Personality Range is Wine of the Month across August (running from 11th – 31st August) at a special price of €10 per bottle. (RRP €12.99)

Winery owner Matthew Nugan has provided some background on each of the wines and the personalities they’ve been dedicated to:

Bossy Boots Sauvignon Blanc Bossy Boots Sauvignon Blanc

‘Dedicated to my grandmother – I learned early on never to judge a book by its cover and never underestimate the women in my family! Take Bossy Boots, she might look soft and feminine but don’t be fooled!  After the world wars, Australia became home to many immigrants from Europe. They settled in the rugged outback where our vineyards are today. My grandmother was one of them. She was strong and spoke her mind, determined to build a new life for her family no matter what it took. She was a determined woman – so much admired by everyone."

Tasting Note: After picking, the grapes were gently pressed and underwent slow, cool fermentation as this preserves the delicate fruit flavours famous from this cool climate region. The wine is allowed mature in stainless steel tanks to develop a dry wine prior to final blending and bottling. Pale straw in appearance with youthful green hues. Fresh, lifted aromas of lime and gooseberry followed by zesty palate of lime and tropical fruit with mineral accents and a crisp, dry finish’

Scruffy’s Shiraz Scruffy's Shiraz

"Scruffy is our Shiraz vineyard manager – he’s a mountain of a man and always looks like he’s been wrestling the local wildlife. Despite constantly looking untidy and in desperate need of a shave, he’s a real charmer with the ladies. We excuse him for being so rough around the edges as that’s his style and the world would be so boring if everyone was the same and he really knows what he’s doing in our vineyards."

Tasting Note: Most of the fruit is destemmed and pressed while a small portion is whole bunch pressed. All parcels are kept separate during the wine making process in the state of the art winery. A lot of smaller tanks are used as a result which is difficult but necessary for the production of a quality wine. Working with the best coopers and use a combination of French and American oak to mature this wine – 25% of which is new. The cuvee (blend) is then returned to the tank for several months so all the components marry together before bottling.

Dreamers Chardonnay Dreamers Chardonnay

"My mother has this uncanny knack of dreaming big then making her dreams come true. Like when she decided she wanted to start our winery over twenty five years ago. She came in one day and said we are going to plant vineyards. Large ones, all over Australia! We all thought the old girl is really going too far this time. But turns out she was spot on. We planted our vineyards from scratch and you’re drinking the fruits of our hard yakka right now. I always hated that saying ‘your mother’s always right’ but perhaps there’s something in it.”

Tasting Note: The fruit is picked at night the preserve the crisp and bright aromatics and flavours which are present when the fruit is cooler. The fruit is then pressed in stainless steel tanks and after the initial alcoholic fermentation, the skins are left in contact with the juice for 6-8 weeks, stirring every day which helps build the middle palate texture of the wine.

Stompers Cabernet Sauvignon Stompers Cabernet Sauvignon

"My mother can be an intimidating person and there’s a few blokes that still wish they’d never given her a hard time. That said, our one vineyard manager named Stomper seems to have found a way to sidestep her wrath with his seemingly carefree attitude. We call him Stomper because the whole building shakes when he walks in – a gentle giant!"

Tasting Note: the fruit is destemmed and pressed before going through a lengthy cold soaking of juice on the skins. After fermentation, the skins are macerated for about 10 days to extract tannins with deep, rich flavours.