Ballynogluten Roadshow 2015

Celebrity Chef Kevin Dundon joins Ballynogluten Roadshow


Coeliac Society of Ireland food fair aims to break down myths about gluten-free food


Celebrity chef Kevin Dundon will showcase the array of gluten-free foods now available to Irish consumers when he takes to the highways and byways of Ireland with the Ballynogluten Roadshow. 

Organised by the Coeliac Society of Ireland in association with SuperValu, the Roadshow will kick off in September and will visit venues in Dublin, Cork, Laois, Dundalk and Galway. Participants can look forward to a cooking demonstration from Kevin Dundon at each event. A dietician will also be on hand to advise about a gluten-free diet and there will be talks on gluten-free living for those newly diagnosed with coeliac disease. Artisan food producers, established producers and those new to the market will also exhibit their gluten-free produce. 

Coeliac disease is estimated to affect 46,000 people in Ireland.  It is an auto-immune disease, which prevents those affected from digesting gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  The disease can manifest itself at any stage in a person’s lifetime, with symptoms including abdominal pain, recurring mouth-ulcers, weight-loss, vomiting and diarrhoea. The only treatment is a gluten-free diet. 

Commenting in advance of the Ballynogluten Roadshow, CEO of the Coeliac Society of Ireland, Gráinne Denning said: “Ballynogluten is a food fair with a difference as everything on display will be gluten-free. One in 100 people in Ireland has coeliac disease and it can be challenging for them to figure out what they can eat, as gluten is a common ingredient in food. These include many not generally associated with wheat, barley or rye, such as gravy, soy sauce and beer.” 

She added: “The Coeliac Society of Ireland provides up-to-date support and information for those suffering from coeliac disease, as well as for their families. This includes an invaluable Food List, which references all of the gluten-free products available on the Irish market. Members also receive monthly updates on new products. The Food List also makes it easier for sufferers to choose wisely when eating out.” 

Ray Kelly, SuperValu Marketing Director,  said: “We are proud to support Ballynogluten. We have seen a rise in demand for gluten-free in stores and over the last number of years we have developed a range of high quality products that not only meet this demand but also offer good value.  We even have a large number of innovative and tasty products that have come through our Food Academy programme, demonstrating the potential for small producers to develop some nice niche products.  Ballynogluten is an opportunity to showcase the range of gluten-free produce available in Ireland and to raise awareness of coeliac disease.” 

The Ballynogluten Roadshow is open to the general public, including those who are simply interested in maintaining a gluten-free diet. 

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