Spiders Web

Make these easy to construct and sturdy spider webs - great for indoors and out!

Spider web

So you have your creepy spiders but they need somewhere to call home. So why not make these easy to construct and sturdy spider webs. They can be hung indoors and are strong enough to hang outside too from the branch of a tree in your garden or from your door handle.

You will need:

  • a bunch of twigs
  • a ball of twine
  • or white wool
  • wood glue
  • silver paint
  • or silver spray paint



1. The size of your web will depend on the size of the twigs. Try and find twigs that are reasonably straight. For a really big web you could use bamboo!

2. Firstly arrange four twigs in an ‘X’ shape gluing each twig to the next in the centre with wood glue. If using bamboo, cross over two large pieces of bamboo in an X shape.

3. Use some of the twine to secure the centre, of the ‘X’ holding the four twigs together

4. Use the silver paint or spray paint to paint your twine silver and leave to dry. When dry, simply tie your twine to one of the twigs, about an inch from the centre of the frame. Start to weave it around the ‘X’, weaving and wrapping it around each twig and building it outwards towards the edge of the twigs.

5. Keep on weaving till you run out of stick. Then simply tie the web tight with a double knot and secure it with some glue

6. Now you have a home for your spooky spiders. Simply pop them into the web between the twine. You can even wrap their legs around it. So they can hang!

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