Landana 1000 Days Gouda

Landana 1000 days has a very full strong flavour.

Landana 1000 Days Gouda

Name: Landana 1000 Days Gouda

Country Of Origin: Holland

Milk Type: Cow’s Milk

Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Pasteurised milk

Style: Hard

Rennet Type: Traditional Animal Rennet


Landana 1000 days has a very full strong flavour.



Landana is a delicious Dutch cheese of distinction, loved for its unique, creamy flavour, for its incredible quality and wide range of flavourful varieties. This art of cheese making has been handed down from generation to generation; with the methodology changing very little overtime. Landana matures for many weeks on untreated wooden shelves in cheese warehouses in the ‘Green Heart of Holland’ – the land of windmills and green pastures. The cheese maker continuously turns the cheese by hand until they have acquired the quality expected of a Landana cheese. Only the very best Landana cheeses are selected to ripen naturally for 1000 days. The specific temperature, humidity level, and the care and attention required to produce this premium product are a closely guarded secret, ensuring a unique, top quality cheese. During its 1000 day maturation period the cheese loses almost 25% of its original weight. This 1000 day maturation process of intensive ripening and care results in a full flavoured, highly refined, mature cheese. The cheese has a warm, golden colour, similar to the colour of caramel. There are also many white spots present in the cheese. These whit spots are fine material and protein crystals, which are the visible signs of its masterful maturation.


Pairing Recommendations

Landana 1000 Days is ideal for any cheese board, perfect when accompanied by a complementary wine, such as a refreshing Sancerre. Coarsely flaked or cut into small cubes, Landana 1000 days is also wonderful in salads. As a result of its intense taste this cheese gives many dishes an extra tasty touch.





World Cheese Awards 2013 - Gold

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