Award-Winning Meat

Discover our latest awards for our meat range.

In 2018 the SuperValu Signature Tastes Range won a total of 79 AWARDS - a testament to the quality of the ingredients in the range. Sourced with care using the finest ingredients. See below a highlight of the meats which have won numerous awards across our range.

Our Greatest Award Winners

SuperValu Signature Tastes Irish Hampshire Smoked Rack of Bacon

Supplier Oliver Carty.

Winner of the prestigious Golden Fork at the 2018 Great Tastes Awards. There is only ONE Golden Fork awarded for Ireland in any given year - it is the best of the best! Smoked for 5 hours over beechwood, this is a delicious succulent product.

SuperValu Award Winning Meat Rack of Bacon

SuperValu Signature Tastes Striploin Steak

The World Steak Challenge Awards took place in London, where 83 steaks from 17 countries were entered. All steaks were assessed by an expert panel which included chefs and food writers. The SuperValu Signature Tastes Striploin was awarded a Bronze medal.

SuperValu Award Winning Meat Striploin Steak

Some of our other most recent Signature Tastes award winners for 2018 include:

 Blas Na Heireann

  • Gold - SuperValu Signature Tastes Irish Hampshire Smoked Bacon Loin
  • Bronze - SuperValu Signature Tastes Free Range Bronze Turkey Joint with Stuffing
  • Bronze - SuperValu Signature Tastes Hereford Bonein Rib Roast 
  • Bronze - SuperValu Signature Tastes Fresh Irish Corn Fed Chicken Supremes
  • Chef - SuperValu Signature Tastes Irish Hampshire Ham Fillet

Great Taste

  • 3 Stars - Signature Tastes Smoked Rack of Bacon
  • 2 Stars - Signature Tastes Hampshire Smoked Silverside Ham Fillet 1.2kg
  • 2 Stars - Signature Tastes Premium Easy Carve Hampshire Gammon
  • 2 Stars - Signature Tastes Premium Hampshire Butcher Style Ham Fillet
  • 2 Stars - Signature Tastes Striploin Steak 450grm
  • 2 Stars - Signature Tastes Hereford Striploin Roast
  • 1 Star  - Signature Tastes Beef Fillet 370grm
  • 1 Star - Signature Tastes Free Range Bronze Turkey Joint with Stuffing 

World Steak Challenge

  • Bronze - SuperValu Signature Tastes Rib Eye 450g

Salute to Excellence

  • SuperValu Signature Tastes Hereford Steak with Peppercorn Butter 430g


Signature Tastes Award Winning Meats

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