KO kombucha

KO Kombucha was set up in 2018 by midlands based couple Tracy Armstrong & Ronan Coughlan on their return from London. As master brewer of the product Ronan had been looking for ways to fix his own immune system naturally when he discovered kombucha.

The traditional brewing method is what sets KO Kombucha apart, we are on a mission to bring authentic kombucha to those looking to heal their guts. Traditionally brewed means from small batches, using an authentic SCOBY and a 14 days fermentation, never from concentrate. KO Kombucha is a premium option for the conscious consumer.

Made from Simple Organic Ingredients : Organic Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Filtered Water and flavoured with Whole Organic Blueberries and Whole Organic Strawberries, sourced in Ireland.

We are helping people to heal by putting something truly beneficial out into the world. Over the past 3 years we have grown our business organically and are now working with Enterprise Ireland to bring employment to a rural location, Ferbane in Co. Offaly as we grow.

KO is bottled in amber glass bottles which are fully recyclable, look attractive on shelf in addition the amber glass also helps to preserve the living cultures inside the drink.

A very low waste business, we use recyclable cardboard instead of plastic and we use pass on our SCOBYS’s to new homes with our KO Kombucha Starter Kits which allows people to brew their very own kombucha at home.

Supervalu will give us the platform we need to bring our organic, healthy and delicious kombucha to a wider audience. The FA is a wonderful programme which ensures you are asking the right questions and guided along the process of entering the multiple arena.

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