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Even though we all love to travel, explore and have amazing adventures around the world… sometimes reality kicks in! It may all seem like a great idea but reality strikes when you add up the figures… travelling the world can be expensive. I have come up with one easy way to cut down your costs, while also having a real local experience. At the moment, I am on a once in a lifetime adventure travelling throughout America and Canada for 6 weeks.

We are doing a home exchange with homeexchange.com while in Florida and also in Vancouver. We exchange homes and cars, which really cuts down a lot of the costs. They come to our home and experience Ireland while we explore their hometown. I love doing a home exchange, as it is a great way to explore and see the world. It allows you to get a real taste of the locations with lots of local tips along the way. You meet local people and discover places you would have never seen before. Your exchange can be anything you want it to be, you can exchange for a house with a pool, an apartment in a busy city or even a cottage by the beach. Plan it on a time to suit you and travel where you want. Travel your way and live like a local. That’s what we love. While on a home exchange, you really get a taste of living in a place and exploring like a local. 

We are on our first leg of our trip and just finished up two weeks in sunny Florida. The house we were staying in Tampa was just beautiful with an amazing swimming pool and Jacuzzi. In Vancouver, the house we will be staying in overlooks the harbour with all the boats coming in and out. Beautiful homes located in some of the most beautiful spots around the world. What more could you want?


On homeexchange.com, there are more then 65,000 homes in 150 countries so you have lots of choice. All you do is pay a small annual fee and take a few minutes to list your house or apartment for people to see. A little tip from us is to always remember when listing your house that there is something unique about it so be sure to show it off. Once you have posted your house, you can browse listings all over the world in your dream locations. All you need to do is send a message and contact the person you wish to do a home exchange with and organise it from there.

I have enjoyed home exchanges in America and Australia and I can honestly say you really get to know the people via email before you arrive. You learn about them, their interests and their life.

It’s also great to get to know them as they give you the local tips for your visit. You will also get inquiries from people all over the world… you might even discover amazing parts of the world you never knew about.


Thousands of amazing exchanges have happened all over the world… I can honestly say it is an amazing way to travel… looking forward to many more in years to come. 

Home Exchange Tips:

  • Always showcase what’s unique about your place on your profile or even your location
  • Add in all the amazing tourism spots and activities to do around your house.
  • On email before you travel, exchange local tips about each other’s houses
  • Introduce yourself to the local people while on your home exchange and gather the local tips.
  • Exchange cars too and cut down on another cost.
  • Have fun and explore the world! 

Travel your way and live like a local.

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