Gordon Ramsay

Collect tokens to get your Gordon Ramsay Gourmet Dinnerware

We are delighted to offer our Real Rewards members this exclusive opportunity to collect tokens for Gordon Ramsay Gourmet Dinnerware.

It's simple

  1. Swipe your Real Reward card every time you shop at SuperValu
  2. Check the Gordon Ramsay tokens you have collected on your receipt or online
  3. Once you have 50 tokens, choose your Gordon Ramsay Dinnerware item from the display instore and get up to 63% discount!

How it works

  1. From 28th September until 3rd January 2018 you will receive 1 Gordon Ramsay Token for every €1 you spend when swiping your Real Rewards card.
  2. Use 50 Tokens to get the Gordon Ramsay Dinnerware range at a discounted price.
  3. Your Tokens need to be redeemed by 17th January 2018 as they are no longer valid after this date and will be cleared from your Real Reward Tokens account.

Gordon Ramsay

Terms & conditions

- For each €1 you spend in each participating SuperValu store in any one transaction you will receive 1 Gordon Ramsay Token which you will stored on your Real Rewards loyalty card once scanned at the checkout.
-During 'Double Up' promotional periods you will receive 2 Gordon Ramsay Tokens for every €1 spent.
- Collect 50 Gordon Ramsay Tokens and choose an item from the Gordon Ramsay Dinnerware Range of your choice with prices ranging from only €6 together with 50 Gordon Ramsay Tokens.
- Subject to availability of stock of the Gordon Ramsay Dinnerware Range in stores, there is no limit to the number of items you can collect for.
- Purchase of Lotto and Lottery tickets, phone top-up vouchers, call cards, gift vouchers, postage stamps, savings stamps, tobacco products, fuel, medicines and infant formula products are specifically excluded from spend calculations.
- Gordon Ramsay Tokens can be collected between 28th September 2017 and 3rd January 2018.
- Gordon Ramsay Tokens can be redeemed between 28th September 2017 and 17th January 2018.
- Offer is available in participating stores only while stocks last. Stores reserve the right to amend, substitute or withdraw this offer in part or whole at any time during the promotional period.
- Gordon Ramsay Tokens can only be redeemed once. Gordon Ramsay Tokens cannot be redeemed for cash; they have no monetary value and can only be redeemed towards the Gordon Ramsay Dinnerware Range.
- If you shop in more than one SuperValu store, you can Collect Tokens in all SuperValu stores, once you swipe your card.
- For more information contact us by calling 0818 22 00 88