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What the Faux

Alan and James at What the Faux Ltd have created a new and unique meat alternative that is set to take supermarket shelves and kitchens across the island of Ireland by storm. We make Seitan by using the 'Wash the Flour' technique and have perfected meat alternatives to a level where you will hardly know the difference!

Wash The Flour is a technique that isn’t commonly used due to the fact it takes time and skill to create, but this is What the Faux we’re about.

The method starts at our Dublin-based production kitchen with creating a giant dough ball that is submerged and then rinsed in water to release the glutenous proteins. Through our unique spice mixes and hands on processes we have been able to mimic some popular Irish meat products. All in all, our products take 72 hours to create from start to finish, this is a labour of love.

Packed full of protein, you can pop our range of faux ‘pork’ and ‘steak’ straight in the oven for the recommended cooking time and get stuck right in. Fantastic to eat on its own but also as part of a well-balanced meal. What The Faux’s range of products are perfect for the dedicated vegan or vegetarian, or for anyone looking to have a super-tasty meat-free meal.

Alan in What The Faux is a dedicated vegan who has worked in all areas of hospitality for the past 30 years in both Dublin and New York. James has been a professional chef for the past 8 years and has worked in top-class vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the globe. They have combined their knowledge of the plant-based industry with sharp talent in the kitchen to create this new and unique Irish food business.

As this is our first foray into food production, the SuperValu Food Academy has been imperative in terms of understanding how the industry works in Ireland. The workshops and mentorship have been invaluable to expanding our skill set and in sharpening our focus to see our innovative products through to supermarket shelves. It has also really helped to make us even more motivated and excited, if that were possible!

We are currently a team of two but hope to expand that by mid 2022. What The Faux can’t wait to see What The Future brings.

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