Super Troopers

In September 2016 SuperValu was unveiled as the official healthy eating partner to Super Troopers with Laya Healthcare. Now in its third year, the Super Troopers programme has been rolled out to 1,397 primary schools nationwide with over 212,000 children taking part.

The programme has been developed with educational specialists, alongside experts in physical activity, nutrition, well-being and psychology. The health homework programme attempts to give equal prominence to health as is given to academic subjects. It includes short burst, fun activities which can involve all the family. For the 2016/17 school year, the wellbeing and nutrition elements of the programme have been enhanced to ensure children focus on a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Last November we saw 2,000 children, across 12 days, visit 55 SuperValu stores around the country, learning more about how they can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet; and we look forward to many more visits this school term.

The Super Troopers programme is delivered through Activity Journals for each child, Family Wall Charts to keep track of their family’s progress and information letters for parents and teachers about the programme.

To learn more about Super Troopers visit where you will find lots of ideas and tips on physical activity and wellbeing; as well as some tasty and healthy recipes for all the family.