Wicked blends

The history of Wicked Blends isn’t so much a story as it is a journey, one of fun and plenty of cooking.

Steve Scott is a biker hailing from Dublin. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, sitting at the kitchen table meant only one thing to Steve – food. Tasty food cooked by his Mum and lots of it.

During the late 80s, Steve travelled extensively on his motorbike throughout Europe on a culinary discovery. Stopping off in Germany, he was asked by his new friends to join their stunt group and learn to be a stunt man, so he accepted their challenge and learned the craft, all the while working nights in various restaurants cooking. After 2 years in Germany, he moved onto France cooking in restaurants for 2 more years all the while picking up new recipes and broadening his cooking skills.

After returning home from his bike journey Steve set up an outdoor catering business.

Fast forward to Steve’s first visit to the USA where he caught the BBQ bug, especially the use of meat rubs for barbecuing. Since then, he’s been hooked on creating herb & spice rubs… it’s become his passion, call it his obsession.

After much experimentation, he’s developed a line of rubs that he believes to be the perfect combination of herbs & spices to complement the flavour of any meat or vegetable. Steve went on to form Wicked Blends in 2014 and completed the Food Academy Programme. We are now looking forward to working with SuperValu to drive our business forward.