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Petros moved to Ireland from Greece 11 years ago for love and settled in Fenagh, Co. Carlow with his wife Catherine.  He is a qualified fitness instructor and have been working in the fitness industry for the last 10 years.

Natural Healthy food was a big part of Petros’  life growing up in Greece and has always played a large part in his lifestyle and that of his family.

The idea for our product came about whilst trying to source a healthier alternative to chocolate spread for our son who was a big fan of one of the leading brand names in chocolate spread. Based on the research we carried out we seen that the dietary requirements of Irish consumer has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. We have married the flavours of Greece and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to suit the changing dietary requirements of Irish consumers. There is big emphasis now on choosing food products which have a healthy impact on consumer’s lifestyle

Our Chocolate Flavoured Tahini spread is truly an innovative product and we are the only company in Ireland making Tahini. It is a natural alternative to leading brand names in chocolate spread – it contains only 1.5 teaspoons of brown sugar per jar, is gluten free, diary free and suitable for vegans.

We pride ourselves on bringing the finest quality, Greek-inspired produce to Ireland.  Our Tahini is produced in Fenagh, located at the foothills of Mount Leinster, Co Carlow.  Our traditional family recipe has travelled all the way from the hills of Northern Greece, especially for you to enjoy!