The lo cal kitchen

Myself and my wife, Jenny, opened The Lo-cal Kitchen in January 2014. Our background is actually in the construction industry and we have a design company, InArc Design. We noticed a gap in the Dublin food scene as that’s where many of our projects took place. Both very interested in health and fitness, this led to Jenny studying nutrition as we developed our idea for The Lo-cal Kitchen over a period of around 18months.

The offering that we opened with in Jan 2014 was Guilt Free Health food, that tasted amazing.

We’ve been trading for 2 years from a single site with our brand growing.

We have sold an average of 260 juices per week from our single location café and don’t see a slow-down in the retailer’s desire to grow their Health Food category, so this gave us the basis to launch The Lo-cal Juicing Company as a retail offering under our already growing brand, The Lo-cal Kitchen