The Hungry Brand

How it all started 2012/13

Mark first took an interest in developing a chicken breading for the Irish market, back in 2012. He started to research in detail the ingredients involved in the food we were eating in our daily diets.  When researching he started to realise that food is often not taken seriously, particularly from an allergen impact perspective. There were a few reported cases of peanut reactions in Ireland and that resonated with him. He started to think in terms of developing his own chicken breading.  Allergens was a big factor on his mind, and he resolved to address this problem as part of his development strategy.

New Product Development 2014/15 - Southern Fried Chicken Gravy.  It came to Mark’s attention that within the food services industry, there was no availability of chicken gravy dry mix, and the provision of gravy within each unit was very much a hit and miss affair, with no consistency on a ‘day by day’ basis. This was when he identified a gap in the existing market, which he knew he could fill by developing a suitable product. Something he needed was mentoring and he received this from Don Ryan. Don has worked with one of the largest worldwide food ingredient companies, especially within the area of product development. Don tutored him to get this right from the start, ensuring a focus on the provenance of the ingredients, by observing strict control on the provision of specifications, while delivering a flavour profile dictated by the taste buds of an Irish consumer. When they were finally happy with the gravy development, they approached and handed out samples to a number of food service outlets in the Dublin area. Interest was almost immediate, as the prospect of a consistent and user friendly solution, greatly appealed to the owners of these premises. After some time, it became apparent, that this type of product would easily transfer to the retail market, so he started to develop this Southern fried chicken gravy, packed into sachets for the retail sector.

Food Academy 

Following on I was approved into a food program in 2016 called theFood Academy, which lasted eight months. I never missed a class, and sometime later after a buyer meeting with Supervalu on an early autumn morning I received an email stating you have been accepted into the Food Academy with Supervalu. Fantastic - I was delighted.

To date 2018

Our strategy is to create a complimentary range of products that greatly enhance the food taste experience, resulting in great new exciting recipes, including chicken breading, dry curry mix, Southern Fried Chicken Gravy, Ultimate Spice Bag Shakers both Chinese and Indian, and also a Halal compliant version.

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