The Fresh Fish Deli

With over 15 years of experience in the seafood industry, Monica has also been able to draw on generations of experience from her family, who operate fishing boats from the port of Union Hall.  The Fresh Fish Deli offers fantastic seafood products, with a minimum of fuss. Our goal is to make life easier for fish lovers, offering a delicious sustainable option that’s ready in minutes.  It fits into our belief that fish isn’t just for some people on special occasions. We’re offering decent, honest food, free from pretension and artificial flavours.

The support and guidance that the Food Academy have given The Fresh Fish Deli is unbelievable. We launched our products in 2016 having completed the Food Academy program and from this time our company has gone from strength to strength.  In 2017 we moved to a 6,000 sq foot purpose built facility and currently employ 20 people as a direct result. The nationwide listing ensures our products are available in all stores and we look forward to introducing new products and flavours to our range.