DalkeyFoodCo IvanVarian 42

From an early age Ivan was always fascinated by food with an upbringing of home grown and hunted produce. This ignited a passion that has lived with him since that age in how we eat and what we eat. In 2010 his time as an Audio-visual design manager came to an end and he was presented with an opportunity to take up a professional role and attend training in Ballymaloe Cookery School. From there he worked up to Michelin starred kitchens and proceeded to work as a personal chef to Louis LeBroquey and The Duke of Devonshire. Through observation of the market he spotted a niche for a food service option of soup that tasted far superior to the current market standard at a cost-efficient level using his experience as both a chef and a business manager. Using feedback from café managers, he tailored and has successfully established a business supplying soups to the food service industry, as well as office delivery. Through constant market research he has developed a series of seasonal soups to bring to you the consumer.

SuperValu has been great in aiding our business to grow in to a completely new sector. By providing us with insight, mentorship, and practical knowledge of the retail sector through an intensive course, our business has been able to grow its current market base, expand to larger production kitchens, hire highly-skilled staff, and purchase more from local growers and producers, and thus strengthen our slow food ethos.