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The Chicken Inn story began over 60 years ago, when Jack and Mary Mulcahy took a brave step and opened up a stall in the renowned English Market, based in Cork city. A lot has changed since then, the market has expanded, businesses came and went but Jack and Mary still serve behind the counter in The Chicken Inn to this very day! The next generation of the family, son Tim works alongside his parents ensuring the Mulcahy name and reputation continues to flourish and Tim is tasked with safe-guarding the future of the family enterprise.

Tim believes that the product range must remain robust and up to date with consumer trends, if it is to operate successfully into the future. With this in mind, he has launched his very own 100% Irish Chicken Bone Broth product. Made from 100% natural ingredients, The Chicken Inn Chicken Bone Broth is the real deal!

It is made from the cook out juices of the chickens that are batch cooked in a large steam oven. The juices are collected, reduced down for 1.5 hours and poured into plastic tubs. The end result is a simple yet impressive, highly - nourishing chicken bone broth that boasts many health benefits and lends itself to many cooking uses. It can be brought to the boil and consumed on its own or used as a base for soups, stews, risotto or pasta dishes.

We are delighted to have been accepted into the SuperValu Food Academy programme and view it as a great opportunity to showcase our business and The Chicken Inn brand to SuperValu customers. Being rooted in the English Market for decades we have seen local SuperValu stores around the city and suburbs grow and evolve over recent years and we believe that achieving a local listing via the Food Academy programme will give us access to these established retail stores and provide a platform for us to sell our products from.

We identify a lot of similarities between our business and the local SuperValu stores around Cork – they are deep-rooted, family centred businesses just like The Chicken Inn, so we see it as a good fit for us to align with SuperValu, championing the notion of Real Food Real People, displaying strong ethical values that resonate with The Chicken Inn also.

Whilst the Mulcahy family have been a permanent fixture at The Chicken Inn stall in the English Market for over six decades, they attribute their long-serving workforce as the secret to their success. With over 300 years of combined service across all staff members, staff turnover has always been very low at The Chicken Inn, something that Jack & Mary Mulcahy are very proud of. They consider their employees to be extended family members and treat them as such, and in return their 20 full time staff are extremely loyal to the Mulcahy’s.

Having gone through an ambitious expansion plan in the past 12 months, which saw the opening of a new production facility on the outskirts of the city, The Chicken Inn is going from strength to strength and the hope is that they will be increasing their staff headcount in the coming months, when new customer orders come on stream.

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