The be sweet company

The Be Sweet Company is a Dublin based confectionery studio specialising in left of centre, lux sugary designs. The founder Bernice Moran adored not only airplanes but also all things sweet and wonderful! Her dream came true as she flies the Boeing 747 - 400 for a long haul airline. One night, after departing Havana and flying over the vast Atlantic Ocean on a star filled night, she thought deeply about her true love of sweets and the lack of imagination in confectionery today. Bernice approached her sister Linda, a business lecturer, to come “on board” with her vision. Hence, The Be Sweet Company was born as Bernice entwined her love of both sweets and flying.
Together with the sister’s fabulous attention to design and detail, their collections enrapture a style of glitz and glamour that has never been seen before in confectionery. They have brought something very new and innovative to their homeland of Ireland and around the globe. Their lavish products are focused on affordable luxury guaranteed to taste sensational. Be’s Parlour Collection is a fun spin on afternoon tea consisting of freshly hand crafted fudge that’s tastes sensational exclusive to SuperValu. These little works of art are traditionally handmade for a fuller flavour... so raise your teacups and warm the pot!
SuperValu has been fundamental in creating brand awareness for The Be Sweet Company in the Irish market. We are now a “go to” brand and our customers are travelling into the stores to purchase our delicious handmade fudge.
We have created further employment in production, marketing and merchandising thanks to Food Academy.