Tastefully yours

Audrea and Norbert, co-owners of the small preserving company ‘Thai Kitchen’, are two professional chefs who share a love for great food. The creative duo has captured the taste buds of anyone who has tried their new and unusual products.

Audrea has two great passions, one is for product development and the other for Asian cuisine and it was only a matter of time until new Asian products emerged from their kitchen in Co. Waterford.
A range of three Fresh Thai Curry Sauces are handmade by Audrea and Norbert under their Little Thai Kitchen brand. They are cooked in small batches, using natural ingredients, for an authentic Thai experience. These ready to heat and eat sauces are very convenient and deliver a consistent result every time.

The Food Academy Programme has provided the perfect starting point and offers the support and guidance necessary for us to succeed in a very busy retail environment. The advice and help we continue to receive is invaluable, especially during the rebranding and launch of our Little Thai Kitchen range of Thai Curry Sauces.
Having our products on the SuperValu shelves allows us to grow and create employment in the areas of production and distribution.