Tex mex addict

Tex-Mex Addict was started by me, Brendan Hedley, in 2020. Born and raised in the USA I grew a passion for Mexican inspired foods from a young age. After moving to Ireland, I eventually started a Tex-Mex food stall offering burritos to local farmers markets and festivals. I always enjoyed spicy food and as a chef, I love mixing chilies with different herbs and meats. Nothing I could get here in Ireland ever really matched the traditional flavours I remembered from back home.  So, I decided to start my own product line, Tex-Mex Addict. May 2020 marks the launch of Tex-Mex Addict fajita kits. Tex-Mex Addict Fajita kits are bursting with Mexican flavours. They are delicious, wholesome, easily prepared and locally produced. I use traditional recipes with real spices, no flavourings or fillers and each pack is made with five different types of dried Mexican chilies to give customers a truly authentic flavour. 

Over the last 6 months, with the help of Supervalu’s Food Academy, I’ve been working steadily to develop a product that will meet the needs of the public while covering all the bases. We’ve gone over everything from marketing, food safety, packaging, distribution and production. Without the help of the Food Academy I would not be as well prepared for launch as I am now. The Food Academy have given heaps of support to all the producers involved and I recommend it for any new producer starting out. If you are interested in getting in touch with us at Tex-Mex Addict, please follow us on Instagram @texmexaddict and like us on Facebook @texmexaddict.

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