Simon's Seafood Products is a small family run enterprise. Simon's love of food and in particular, fish cookery meant that he was inspired into starting a business which combined the two.  

The business was set up in 2011, when we initially started supplying a local fishmonger with a range of delicious seafood dishes. The initial products were made from home and as demand increased we had to quickly move to new premises in Clondalkin.

The Food Academy has been key to the success of our company. It has given us a platform, as a local producer, to showcase and retail our delicious seafood products. 
Whilst our volume of business has increased, we continue to make all our products from scratch, and by hand using locally sourced ingredients, wherever possible. Everyone at Simon’s seafood products, whether they are cooking, weighing, mixing, or packing is personally responsible, and committed, to delivering outstanding products of the highest quality.