Marianne and I set up Shines Seafood in 2015. I was a fisherman for over 20 years & we ran our fish shop and our Fish and chip shop in Donegal for 22 years. We decided to explore a business idea that we had for over 10 years after a holiday with Basque friends in San Sabastian. Fortunately, we contacted our LEO in Donegal and we were offered a place on the next Food Academy programme in Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim. We completed the programme and armed with the knowledge to go to the next step we started to set up our business. Without Supervalu/Musgrave our business would still be just an idea. The course gave us a huge amount of invaluable information about; packaging, labelling, pricing, barcodes, finance and distribution to name but a few. My experience and contacts in the fish business helped us to source Irish Albacore Tuna direct from the Irish boats. Not many people are aware that Irish fishermen catch over 2500 tons of Albacore Tuna each year. Through setting up our business, we have established a brand for Irish Tuna which will improve the price that Irish fishermen obtain for their product. This is a positive development for Irish fishermen and their communities. Our eldest daughter Ciara is now in full-time employment due to the success of the family business and our two younger daughters Erin and Darragh play a part-time role in the business. The journey started in October 2014, our product was on the shelves in Supervalu stores in March 2015 and today we are in over 200 stores nationwide. 2018 is set to be our busiest year yet.