Sadies kitchen

After years working in a stressful media job, my digestive health was not good. After trying almost every supplement and treatment, I discovered bone broth.

The results were amazing and the taste? Unparalleled to using preservative laiden stock.

Having heard my friends complain about carefully preparing healthy and nutritious meals, only to undo all their hard work by using generic stock pots and cubes, I would enthuse at length about how wonderful and nutritious bone broth was, albeit not very convenient to make.

I wanted to share with them and everyone else the restorative and healing properties I have found with bone broth, and so Sadie's Kitchen was born. We began in humble surroundings, recipe testing and sourcing the very best suppliers. We are delighted to reach more people with our product and share our innovations with you all.

Eating well shouldn't be exclusive and I strongly believe everyone should have access to the very best ingredients for themselves and their families.

The bones of it...

Bone broth is one of the most soothing and nutritious foods that has been used for generations to help comfort and soothe the body.

Our mission is to create delicious and nutrient-dense food that not only tastes good, but does your health good too.

Sadie's Kitchen bone broths are a convenient and multi-purpose staple for every home. Enjoy simply on their own as a nourishing hot drink, add to meals as stock, or use as a cooking liquid for rice, pulses and grains for maximum flavour and nutrition. 

Each bone broth is carefully made with love and patience, to give you the very best each and every time you use my broths.

Our broths are rich in collagen, which is amazing for hair, skin and nails. It's no wonder bone broth is adored by some of the worlds' most beautiful models and celebrities

We are thrilled to be rolled out in selected SuperValu stores. Our company started off in small slow cookers in a commercial unit in Bray, Co. Wicklow and has since graduated to a state of the art producer in Dublin. The Food Academy programme has been instrumental in taking our home delivery business all the way to SuperValu shelves. We continue to grow and expand here at Sadie's Kitchen and are excited and honoured to have SuperValu's support.