Rockabill butter

First created at home in my family kitchen (while on maternity leave in 2015) as an alternative to artificial processed spreads, Rockabill Butter is a delicious range of naturally sweetened Irish butters. With three flavours of Honey & Cinnamon, Maple and Vanilla Bean my butters have simple, honest and 100% natural ingredients and are delicious on toast, scones, pancakes and waffles.

I set up my business Totally Awesome Foods Ltd in January 2017 and joined Supervalu’s Food Academy Programme in February 2017.  Before this I was a stay at home mum to three boys for two years.  For 20 years prior to this I had a career in marketing and public relations working for corporates such as IDA Ireland, Siemens, William Fry and KPMG.

I am a foodie at heart, I love to bake, cook and experiment with food.  I also like to ensure I give my family the best quality food and ingredients that I possibly can.  I am that person reading the food labels in supermarket aisles and it was one day while looking for a quick and convenient spread for my family that the idea for Rockabill Butter came about. I was shocked at how complicated and artificial some of the ingredients lists were on well known spreads, so I swiftly put them back on the shelf and thought good old Irish butter will have do for my boys, at least I knew the ingredients in it…and it was there I got my lightbulb moment and got the idea to give much loved, traditional Irish butter a natural sweet twist and the experimenting with flavours in my kitchen began.

I grew up in the seaside village of Skerries, Co. Dublin, so did my father and his father before him.  The name for Rockabill Butter was inspired by a story my father told me about how as a young boy he and his father (who was a small local dairy farmer and milkman in Skerries) would drive their herd of cattle to graze in a field which looked out over the islands off the coast of Skerries. Rockabill Island is one of those islands and is locally named The Cow and Calf, this is where the name and branding of Rockabill Butter originates from.

I would never have had the confidence to start my own business if it was not for Supervalu’s support.  Their Food Academy programme has equipped me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take Rockabill Butter to the next level and really make a go of making it a bit Irish success story.

I’d like to think I am providing people with a simple and tasty alternative to artificially processed spreads. I try to use Irish ingredients and Irish suppliers where ever possible, thus contributing towards and helping promote the Irish food industry. My goal is to grow Rockabill Butter to become a much loved mainstream product in Irish and international retail.  The plan is the more the company grows the bigger the team will grow in Rockabill Butter HQ thus creating jobs.