Ravis Gourmet Dips

When the town where the good ships
Masterpieces of the Yavanas
Stirring the white foam of the Periyar, river of the Cheras
Sail in with gold and sail off with pepper
When this Muziris overflowing with prosperity
Was besieged with the din of war...

[Yavanas – Greeks and Romans in classical Tamil language. Cheras – one of the four ancient Tamil Kingdoms.
Muziri – Famous ancient seaport of this Kingdom.]

Thus said a classical Tamil poem from two thousand years ago referring to the flourishing spice trade between ancient Southern India and the Greco-Roman empires. Food from the
Southern Region of India has a long unbroken heritage, evolving over thousands of years, and assimilating traditions from the various cultures the region interacted with. It has an
extraordinary range with sophisticated and subtle spicing, made with fresh and natural ingredients. 

Popular Southern Indian food such as iddlies and dosas also use a natural fermentation process for the rice-lentil batter. DhOsai Limited, a company established in July 2016, specialises in food from this region.

The founder Kuppusamy Ravindran hails from a remote village in the state Tamilnadu from the southern region of India and has a passion for cooking Southern Indian food since his
mother taught him cooking at a very young age. He carried this passion across his journeys in varied fields such as Mathematics and Information Technology in the USA, UK, and

When he and his Cork-born wife decided to settle down in her home town with their two young sons, he decided to introduce Southern Indian food to Ireland. Thanks to the encouragement and support from Mr. Benny McCabe, the owner of Cork Heritage Pubs, he ran an indoor stall at the Bodega from September 2016 to January 2016 to test market feedback and acceptance, while simultaneously participating in the Food Academy program.

The Food Academy program gave birth to a new brand “RAVI’S” to market a Southern Indian food range to grocery stores. The founder’s dream of seeing Southern Indian food in grocery stores became a reality thanks to the acceptance for trial of two of his dips in SuperValu stores. This would not have been possible without the constant encouragement from programs such as the UCD Innovation Academy and Food Academy; personnel from both Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Office in Cork City; research supplied by Bord Bia; and valuable input and followup feedback from members of Musgrave.

Upon successful trials at selected SuperValu stores in Cork, the brand plans to expand to SuperValu stores across Ireland, and then export to the UK, Germany and other European
countries, thus creating a number of Irish jobs in the process. The brand uses high quality ingredients sourced locally and within the EU. By using the HPP Tolling facility at Dublin,
the brand avoids any kind of additives to preserve the food, thus retaining its authenticity of Southern Indian taste and not sacrificing quality.