Raindrop Drinks

Michael Carney is a marketing graduate from the Marketing Institute of Ireland where he developed a particular interest in the Functional Soft Drinks market. He gained his initial experience in the FMCG sector working in business development for Richmond Marketing. Subsequently, he worked for Tennant & Ruttle Distribution with brands including Wrigley’s, Ferrero and Rockstar Energy drinks before being made redundant due to the economic crisis, this turned out to be the motivation Michael needed to set up his own business, establishing Raindrop in 2010.

Raindrop is an innovative premium functional vitamin water drink which uses a unique dosing cap system to deliver the active ingredients hidden in the cap. The consumer presses the cap to release the ingredients, activating the drink and providing the consumer with the experience of creating a fresh vitamin drink as and when they want to use it.

Since the beginning of the company I have been supported by Musgraves and as one of the first participants in the Food Academy programme this has been the single biggest catalyst in the establishment and further development of our business. The Food Academy gave us an opportunity to bring Raindrop to market and grow our sales and enable us to grow our production facility and employ 6 people across manufacturing and sales.

Without SuperValu Food Academy we would not have achieved all that we have achieved so far. I am looking forward to working with SuperValu into the future and delivering further great innovative and creative Irish products.