Origin Bars

Origin Bars was founded in 2016 by food entrepreneur, Niall Harty. Niall embraced a lifestyle change in 2013 and has since lost over 5st, became a qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management and is doing a MSc. in Food, Nutrition & Health. To set up Origin Bars, Niall kicked the board room and left his corporate job where he was working in start-up business development. Niall has been developing Origin Bars for over three years and he has combined his talent in food with his knowledge of nutrition, innovative ingredients and food technology to create Origin Bars. 

"When did we start fooling ourselves into believing that highly processed, mass manufactured, chocolate covered protein bars which are heavy in artificial sweeteners were actually healthy for us? I see massive mis-information and poor understanding about these products, and I want to put a stop to it. Consumers are now looking for natural, whole food and less refined products, now more than ever before. I created Origin Bars with a vision of changing how we think about food by creating a range of bars which are nutritionally developed with whole food ingredients as an alternative to what's currently on the market." - Niall Harty, CEO of Origin Bars 

I have stayed away from most ‘health’ foods nutrition companies push such as dessert-like protein bars and cookies due to unnatural taste, over-the-top processing and ingredients such as palm oil, bulking agents and polyols. I remember picking up a very popular protein bar and reading on the back of the label that consumption of this product may lead to laxative effects. I though to myself, ‘wow, when did chocolate and caramel become suddenly healthy!? and why is it a laxative...’.

There really should be a convenient and healthy snack, made using great ingredients so people can make a smart choices on-the-go, after a workout, or in the office. 

Over the past three years I have made hundreds of recipes to either bring with me in my gear bag to eat after a tough MMA session, or to bring into the office so I had a healthy choice at my desk between meals. I made hundreds of variations, but I finally made bars that I was very happy with, I tested them on my work colleagues, and on students in my local College and they loved them. So I made as much as I physically could, got some labels made up in the local printers and I brought them to trial them at our local market and they sold out before 12pm, I could not believe it! It was clear I had bar that people genuinely loved and feedback was great. 

As a result, Origin Bars was born. I founded it on a simple idea; that healthy eating should consist of real food that tastes great. We set out to deliver great tasting, highly nutritious and protein bars which you can eat, even if you’re not a body builder!