Only The Juice

Johnny Molloy uses Moroccan oranges in his Only the Juice juices, from Moate in Co. Westmeath. He decided to become the first Irish juicer to use such oranges, because the cool Mediterranean breeze, Saharan heat and moist clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, combine for a beautifully ripe fruit, with naturally sweet flavours.

He has built direct links with local farmers in Morocco, in order to guarantee supply. Johnny first travelled to Morocco for his craft business, which he is involved with along with the family grocer shop, plus fruit and vegetable wholesale business they run from Moate.

He initially sold his juice to the Food Service sector. When he enrolled in Food Academy, Johnny was able to bring his product to a whole new audience across Ireland via the shelves in SuperValu. With the knock-on effect from this, he plans to create more jobs in his local area in Moate.