Once Upon A Dinner Susan McQuaid Rachel McQuaid 1893  2

Spring 2000 saw the launch of a new and exciting concept for Irelands’ Childcare sector. The brainchild of Susan and Bernard McQuaid, Little Dinners began producing healthy, balanced and delicious meals from its Wicklow kitchens. Each standard meal is tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of the sectors different age groups, with no salt, sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added. The business has grown steadily over the years providing over 20 permanent and part time jobs to the local area.

 In order to meet the increasing demand from parents looking to purchase the meals, the business needed to find a way into the retail market. March 2015 provided Susan with the opportunity to join Co. Wicklow’s SuperValu Food Academy program. The program provided her with the tools necessary to develop and rebrand the product for the retail market. “Once Upon a Dinner” was born. With the help of SuperValu the new brand will initially launch three of their most popular meals; Wholemeal Pasta Bolognaise, Chicken Korma with Wholegrain Rice and Cottage Pie. The “Once Upon a Dinner” team are delighted for the opportunity to work closely with individual stores who are passionate about supporting families and local business and promoting healthy lifestyles.

 By initially supplying a number of local SuperValu stores “Once Upon a Dinner” hopes to be given the opportunity to progress to the Food Academy Advance stage, helping them achieve their dream of bringing their product to a wider market.  

 Aware of the increasing focus on children’s health in the media the company plan to run an interactive website.  By targeting the early development stages of the under 6 age group, they hope that their characters will make fruits and vegetables more identifiable and familiar so that all children will be able to independently make healthier lifestyle choices. The couple’s 24 year old daughter Rachel, plans to use social media along with their website to spread “Once Upon a Dinner’s” healthy eating philosophy.