O'Kale Crisps

It all started with Jack's younger sister Sally. She started making kale crisps to enter in a local entrepreneurial competition in 2012 (And yes of course, she did win!).

Jack, on a student visa in 'Kalefornia', saw first-hand how the green stuff was insanely popular in the USA as a nutritional powerhouse. No matter how many kale snacks he tried (quite a few actually) NONE were as tasty as Sally's delicious kale crisps.

​O'Kale Krisps use local kale and fresh natural ingredients. Since setting up in Ballinasloe in September 2016 we can't make them quick enough to satisfy Ireland's huge appetite for this delicious healthy snack. That's not Jack's fault. Blame Sally.

O’Kale was a project that Jack enjoyed working on, however after beginning the SuperValu Food Academy, Jack quickly learned of the potential that his health food business possessed. The Food Academy assisted him in unlocking this potential and now, he has structures in place like marketing, finance and production that allows him to further expand the business, thanks to SuperValu.