Oh naturelle

Oh! Naturelle was established in 2014 by Louise and Aisling in Cork.

At the start of that year, we decided we needed to embrace a new diet and fitness journey. Both obsessed with all things food, we struggled with the new diet where there was a huge restriction on dairy and sugar. We travel a lot with work and found it hard to get a satisfying, healthy snack while on the go. Aisling was a self confessed ice-cream addict, something that she now had to live without, so she started to make her own sorbet to satisfy her cravings! After sharing with Louise, she too was hooked! We were still struggling to find a healthy solution when we were out and about with work so the discussion about bringing Oh! Naturelle to stores began.

The support, guidance and selling opportunity that the Food Academy has given Oh! Naturelle is unbelievable. It has allowed us to get our product to market at a rate we could only have dreamed about. SuperValu has backed us from the start, providing us with the opportunity to sell our product in 20 of their stores in Cork city and county. In addition to the shelf space they gave us, they gave us the opportunity to carry out instore tastings in their stores, which was invaluable. We could speak directly to our customer, and get first hand opinions on our product. More importantly, we could ask them what flavours they would like to see us launch next, this information is priceless to a new company!

Oh! Naturelle is growing quickly, orders are coming in fast and we are experimenting with new flavours, so we were recently able to take on an intern who is helping us with our instore tastings and building our brand awareness!