Andrew was exposed to the concept of activated nuts from America and Australia, where the health food market has generally been more progressive than in Ireland. His girlfriend, Holly, had also lived in LA - the home of healthy living and on her return, she was activating nuts in small batches in the kitchen. Seeing this, Andrew was blown away by the fact that they didn't just do good but tasted great too. They were tastier, crunchier and far easier to digest than conventional nuts and because the process was natural, they were bursting with nutrients too. Seeing an opportunity and gap in the market for a natural, healthy and tasty snacking product he decided to bring the idea to the mass market, and Nutmost was born.

From day one, Andrew always knew there was a demand for this type of snack product and in September 2015, launched under the name AllRound Great Foods - after testing the market and being amazed by the response to the activated nuts, he soon realised there was a real demand. Andrew set about creating an innovative snacking brand and Nutmost was officially launched in April 2016, with the simple aim of bringing the most delicious, natural and nutritious snacks to the market. 

We've come a long way in just a few months, having completed the Food Academy programme as well as a successful appearance on Dragons Den. We now work from our own purpose-built facility and two new full-time jobs were created, with a third to be created by years-end.

We have the Nutmost faith these tasty nuts will be your new on-the-go favourite snack!