NUE Water was setup in February 2013 in Co. Carlow. I was doing a lot of R&D and met like-minded food lover and producer, Michael O’ Neill. 

Prior to meeting Michael, I had already produced a range of zero calorie flavoured waters, but I wanted these drinks to be truly honest, healthy drinks – they had to contain NO Added Sugar, NO Preservatives, be LOW in Calories, as well as having over 6 months shelf life.

Michael liked what I was trying to do and became a shareholder and business partner.
After many months of R&D in both Carlow and Cork – we finally had two flavoured drinks that we were very happy with and a few more flavour options ready to bring into production in time. 
We were successful in sticking to the original remit of having the drinks contain NO Added Sugar, NO Preservatives, less than 8 Calories per bottle and having 12 months shelf life.

SuperValu have been a huge support to the business. Through the Food Academy programme, we have been exposed to a team of experts and also a target customer base who have helped us hone our product offering. 

Since taking part in the Food Academy, we have taken on a new sales person and intend on building our sales team, so we can make sure we are meeting with our retail customers and applying the highest of standards to all channels.