Nubie foods

"The natural ingredients infuse the oil into flavours that taste amazing. Don’t take my word for it, try some,” says Peter Munro, who together with Alan Salter, established Nubie Foods in October 2013. The company produces extra virgin cold expressed Irish rapeseed oil in a variety of deliciously infused flavours, including Crushed Garlic and Rosemary, Sicilian Lemon and Red Capsicum Chilli. In 2014, Nubie Foods participated in Food Academy programme and as a result their products are now available in selected Supervalu stores throughout Leinster. 

Nubie’s rapeseed is grown on Alan’s farm in Co. Laois and harvested during the summer months.  One of the differentiating factors with the oils is that the crops aren’t sprayed before harvesting, which is much kinder to the environment and delivers healthier oil for all the family.

The duo’s rapeseed oil is perfect for use in home cooking and baking. One of their bestselling oils is the Sicilian Lemon flavoured oil. “We use the zesty lemon flavoured oil to produce Lemon flavoured Madera cake that is dairy free and can be gluten free too! The cakes are then used to promote our products at Supervalu in-store tastings and the feedback on our oils from customers is just amazing,” says Peter.
Their ‘classic’ rapeseed oil is perfect for home cooking and with a high burning point can be used for frying, stir frying or just as a bread drip. Alan suggests “marinating the crushed garlic and rosemary over roast leg of lamb or drizzled over roast potatoes or vegetables before cooking. The chilli oil is ideal for stir-frying or drizzling over pizza or pasta before serving. The flavours of our oils will transform and elevate your dish to another level. The family will love it."